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Pandect of Ester surfactants (1): Definition

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Pandect of Ester surfactants (1): Definition

Definition of Ester surfactants:

In the molecule, it has:

(1), One or more -C(=O)O- functional group.

(2), Zero or more -OH, -C(=O)N-, -O- and so on functional group.

(3), No -OSO3-, -SO3-, (C2H4O)n(n>1) and so on functional group.

Different from the strong hydrophilic structure such as -OSO3-, the hydrophilicity of -C(=O)O- structure is weak.

General formula:

According to R, R1, ester surfactants can be subdivided into many types.

Examples are as follows:

(1), Alkanol alkanoate: R, R1: CnH2n+1;

(2), Enoic acid enol ester: R, R1: CnH2n-1;

(3), Glyceryl monoalkanoate: R: CnH2n+1; R1: CH2(OH)CH(OH)CH2-;

(4), Lactide;

(5), Lactone.


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Adenosine 5'-(trihydrogen diphosphate), monosodium salt

1,4-Dihydronicotinamide adenine dinucleotide

Adenosine 5'-(trihydrogen diphosphate)

Triphosphopyridine nucleotide


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